Working in customer service can be rough, because, well…people are so hit and miss. Some are polite and kind and realize that, even if they’re upset about something, you’re likely just a cog in a corporate wheel.

And some people, like “journalist” David Leavitt here, choose to throw little baby fits and tweet pics of an hourly employee in an attempt to shame them for doing their jobs.

So why did Leavitt even bother?

He saw an electronic Oral-B toothbrush – which usually retails for $90-$150 – for what he thought was the sale of the decade. The display had a sticker on it that said $0.01, and when the cashier – and then Tori, the store’s manager – refused to give him the toothbrush for a penny, David called the police.

Yes. He called the non-emergency line and asked for the police to come and write a report, citing some obscure Massachusetts law he believed entitled him to the basically free toothbrush.

And yes, the police came…

Can you believe this actually happened? Because it happened.

Poor David can’t afford to go to the dentist, you see, so he really needed that $150 toothbrush!

He’s going to sue Target, because instead of using his money to go to the dentist, he’s going to waste it on lawyers instead!

Now, attorneys from the state have weighed in online, saying that not only is David a prick, but he’s also dead wrong.

Most people felt sorry for poor #TargetTori, who not only had to deal with David and his nonsense, but who also found herself publicly shamed for her $15/hour job.

Twitter user @CarpeDonktum went one step farther, setting up a GoFundMe for the Target manager, because clearly, if anyone in the world ever needed a vacation, it’s #TargetTori.

He raised more than $30k and actually found Tori!

So what will she do with the money? She’ll be taking an Oral-B toothbrush of her very own to Hawaii for some much-needed, well-deserved fun in the sun. The rest will go to charity.

Good on her! It might prepare her for more endless weeks of handling customer complains at Target.