People Share the Surprising Things They Learned When They Were “Today Years Old”



It kind of boggles the mind when people admit to things they just learned. I want to say, “Really, you never knew that before today?”

But also, who am I to judge?

These brave souls were bold enough to go on the record and admit to things they learned waaaaaaay too late in the game.

These are funny, prepare to laugh!

1. Today years old.

2. Pizza! Pizza!

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3. That is amazing!

4. Never knew that one, either.

5. Check it out!

6. Fat thumbs keep bringing me down.

7. That’s how it’s spelled.

8. This is true.

9. All self-respecting horror fans know this one.

10. Math was never my strong suit…

I was Today years old from IWasTodayYearsOld

11. That is kind of entertaining.

12. One of the best names of all time.

13. Lots of folks packed in there.

I just know that you gotta have some good ones of your own.

Share them with us in the comments!