Everyone thinks teaching is a cush job with long vacations and summer breaks until you’re forced to actually try to teach your own hellbeasts at home.

Schools around the country (and the world) are closed indefinitely, as a response to the WHO and CDC recommendations for slowing the spread of COVID-19. That means parents everywhere are scrambling to figure out who is going to watch their kids, how they’re going to get any work done with kids at home, and yeah, why they ever imagined that learning at home would be any kind of break.

Basically, people are now willing to pay teachers whatever they would like if they’ll just take their kids away again.

Writer and producer Shonda Rhimes kicked off a viral Twitter thread.

Below are 11 of my favorite responses!

11. That’s…a lot of kids to corral.

10. That seems about right.

9. Give me the hormonal teens any day.

8. This should have been a thing a long time ago.

7. No, thank you.

6. Hahaha like you’re going to be able to do your own work, too.

5. The transition could take some time.

4. Can you even imagine?

3. The field trips will have to be on hold, but God love her on the rest.


2. Okay but your kid not speaking to you isn’t terrible.

1. It seems like such a small ask, and yet…

I vote that we immediately decide to pay teachers much, much more.

If you can argue with me…wait, you can’t…

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