Sisters Recreate Pregnancy Photo Months Later with One Huge Difference


During a pregnancy, being able to bond with another woman who’s also pregnant can be a fun source of support. Shopping, celebrating, and trading pregnancy stories with someone who is going through it at the exact same time will just add to the memories.

When Corey Struve Truvett told her sister she was pregnant in 2015, she wasn’t expecting the answer she received. Baby sis Katie Struve Morgan, 30, announced that she and her husband were also expecting, and that she had been saving the news for Christmas. Both were pleasantly surprised.

To celebrate their unique pregnancies, the sisters decided to have a joint maternity shoot to mark the arrival of their daughters. Draped in matching blue maternity gowns with flower crowns, Corey and Katie had the photos taken by So Cute Photography.

Though their due dates were a few weeks apart, both women ended up delivering on the same day! On August 10th 2016, Corey gave birth to Ryatt Rae, and Katie to Indie Mae. Close in every way, the sisters’ rooms were next door to each other and their girls were born only minutes apart.

The families affectionately refer to the babies as “twin cousins”. A year later, they rehired the same photographer, Brenden Boggs, to do a birthday shoot for the one-year-olds. She had an idea.

Image of baby girls.

Donning the same dresses (now too big), the women took another set of beautiful pics to mark the first year. After the shoot, Brenden shared the experience on Facebook on the Love What Really Matters page:

“I photographed Corey and Katie’s maternity photos last year. I thought it was so sweet that two sisters got to experience such a special time together. Even though their due dates were a few weeks apart they ended up giving birth on the same day only 20 minutes apart! We all joke that they are twin-cousins!

A year has gone by and it was time for the baby girl’s 1st birthday photo session. I thought it would be amazing to do a recreation of the maternity session, and Corey and Katie thought it was great idea! It was so much fun to see how much life can change in a year. Now Corey and Katie have two beautiful baby girls full of personality, and they all can’t wait to see what adventures the next year of toddlerhood brings.”

Image of sisters with their babies.

According to Corey and Katie, the little pumpkins have bonded and really act like twin sisters! They play together, chat together, and share with each other. With the families only living 5 minutes apart, they see each other all the time. The moms have even set up a joint Instagram account to share the adorableness two times over. Sometimes they even sport matching outfits!

Both babies have older siblings in addition to being “twin cousins” and it’s so sweet that the sisterly love has trickled down to the next generation. These cuties will probably wind up being besties and taking pics like these for every birthday!

What do you think about these twin cousins and their moms’ story? Have you ever experienced a pregnancy like this in your family? How close are the kids?