Listen, we all love a good cat video, and mix that with a cute little girl? You’ve got internet gold that won’t be slowing down, traction-wise, for awhile.

And honestly, y’all…I think this girl is a witch or something, because who can get cats to comply in this manner without drugging them? If you can even drug a cat, which mostly you can’t because they will not take their medicine?

Also, as the mother of two toddlers, I just want to know how she got these cats to sit still at a table for that long.

She’s teaching the cats to draw a flower.

Little girl teaching her cats how to draw a flower
byu/impetuous_panda inaww

The cats are sitting upright, in their chairs, papers and drawing implements at the ready, and appear to be listening intently to the entire lesson.

You. Guys.

Some of the comments are as cute as the video, like this one that gives hilarious voice to the cats.

Image Credit: Reddit

And this one, that pointed out we never get to see the cats draw the flowers! Talk about a cliffhanger!

Image Credit: Reddit

This person echoed my sentiment (at least I know I’m not alone!).

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You know they will, too. Not a doubt in the mind of a cat-lover anywhere.

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I mean, it’s definitely both.

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Have you ever seen cats sit and listen like this? Is she a cat whisperer? If I didn’t see them move and their ears change directions here and there, I’d think they were stuffed!

I don’t know if she can teach them how to draw flowers, but this little chickadee definitely has some kind of future working with animals.

If she can get cats to do this, she can literally do anything.