There are two kinds of moms in the world – moms who make Halloween costumes from scratch every single year, and moms who run to the Halloween store the day of and pick through the leftovers for a $30 piece of plastic that will go in the trash later that night.

No judgement. I would be the second kind of mom except I have an amazing cousin who was the first kind of mom and she gives me her hand-me-downs.

Cleveland, Ohio mom Stephanie Pokorny is definitely the best kind of mom, because she gave her son not one, but two amazing, homemade crocheted costumes to choose from last year – one glow-in-the dark Xenomorph and one Skeletor.

I mean, look at this thing, y’all?

How could he not choose the Xenomorph?

It glows in the dark!

But then there’s Skeletor…

And those eyes, y’all!

(Side note: Do you think her son appreciates the work or it or is he like, rolling his eyes and wishing he could have a lame store-bought costume because kids always want whatever they don’t regularly get? I love nothing more than my mother’s homemade bread now, but as a kid, how I wanted a sandwich made on Wonder Bread, you know?)

So… I have no idea which one I would choose!

She says in her captions that she did the entire thing without a pattern, and that in total, the two costumes took her about 90 hours to complete.

We can all agree that she’s amazing, her work is priceless, and if she wants to make adult-sized ones this year, we’d all be in line, right?

Solidarity, Stephanie! And keep it up!