I feel for these people…I really do. They’re going along, doing their best, and then WHAM, they end up having epic fails out of nowhere.

Let’s review these fails together and sympathize with these folks…before we laugh hysterically.

1. That’s really not good.

2. How romantic…

3. Even Hollywood stars blow it sometimes.

4. Not pleased with that one.

5. A successful mission.

6. That didn’t end well.

7. This guy is clearly a pro.

8. I’m glad someone finally did this in real life.

9. Classin’ it up!

10. I’m sorry, Mother.

11. Time to get rid of Hinge.

12. My heart doesn’t work that way.

I hate to do this, but I’m gonna need you to share your epic fail stories and photos in the comments, mmmmkay?

Thank you for your cooperation.