Ah, the bittersweet (okay, sad) moment when you realize that your babies are no longer babies, and they’re never going to wear those sweet onesies with feet in them again – and all of those adorable “first” holiday outfits are never going to get used again.

You don’t really have that many options as far as what to do with them – you can donate them, of course, but if you’re sentimental about a few of them, at least, that’s not a good choice. You can keep your favorites in a bin with their baby books, first art projects, and other keepsakes, but you’ll literally never see them again if you do that.

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Or, it turns out, people on Etsy will take them and transform them into adorable stuffed animals.

I mean, how cool is this? Jammies turn into a teddy!

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There are several sellers that advertise the personalized, handmade stuffed animals made from your baby’s favorite clothes, and what emerges are keepsake items worthy of a shelf or cabinet, or even to be played with once in a while, and not just a bin in the basement.

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Basically, it gives your kid’s onesies a second life, and gives your mama (or daddy) heart a little more time to get used to the idea of letting go.

Just look at this monkey! The cutest thing ever!

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I absolutely love this idea, but it would first require me to winnow down my “keeper” box to something a bit more manageable…maybe half a dozen instead of a bin so full the lid will barely fit?

A project for a rainy day, for sure.

And fun stuff like a pink, purple and polka dot monkey would emerge!

Image Credit: Etsy

What do you do with your kid’s special outfits once they’ve outgrown them?

If you’ve got a fun way to remember those sweet baby days, share it with us in the comments!

We love to see all your ideas! They make us smile and smile!