If you’ve ever been a huge fan of a band or an artist or a show, then you’re totally going to get what a huge moment this was for a nine-year-old girl who just loves the hit musical Hamilton with all of her heart.

Also, you’re probably aware that many people love Hamilton with all of their hearts, and maybe you are one of those people, so your understanding could be tempered with envy.

This is understandable.

It all began with actor John Krasinski, who has been brightening the world with his YouTube series, Some Good News. On it, he brings on special guests and talks only about heartwarming human stories, since the rest of the news is all brim and hellfire 24/7.

And Krasinski brought the happy big time for 9-year-old Aubrey, who was supposed to see Hamilton for her birthday but can’t right now because Broadway is closed.

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He interviewed Aubrey, asking her to rate how big of a fan she is, really.

“I hear you’re a big Hamilton fan. One to ten, what do we think? Are we a 7 or 8 or…”

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“A million.”

So, he gave her the first bit of generous good news.

“The social distancing thing is very important, so I have a deal for you: when it’s all over, I will fly you and your mom to New York and you will see Hamilton on Broadway. How does that sound?”

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She freaked out, but the best was yet to come…because next, Lin-Manuel Miranda jumped on the Zoom call.

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He told Aubrey that it was amazing news that she would get to see the show on Broadway, but had a little surprise of his own for her.

And that’s when the ENTIRE.

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Of Hamilton began popping up to sing Alexander Hamilton, her favorite song from the show.

She is just dying, and after you watch the entire thing, there’s no way your eyes will be dry unless you are some kind of cyborg.

It literally doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard or seen a single song of Hamilton in your life.

There are good people in the world, and this is a good story. So please, enjoy this high for at least a couple of hours.

Thank you, John Krasinski and Lin-Manuel Miranda, and everyone else.