One of my favorite things about memes is that they get to the heart of the matter – they’re true and funny at the same time, and I think that’s why we enjoy them so much.

In this case, we’re talking about how moms and dads might both be parents, but at their cores, they just react to pretty much every single situation differently.

These 13 memes will pin down what’s otherwise hard to explain (and crack you up in the process).

8. And then mom loses her mind.

What even is a quiet shower?

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7. The funny thing is, neither of them work.

Ok, I don’t know if that’s really funny, but.

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6. The faces on the dad and the baby are so funny.

But only because it’s not my baby.

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5. So painfully true.

It’s why moms can go in record time and dads move in for the afternoon.

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4. Dad doesn’t hear a thing.

I can guarantee it.

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3. They just love you so much.

But somehow dad is still “the fun one.”

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2. You know you’d better answer both.

There will be consequences.

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1. We have to have some drama.

And we don’t want to die.

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I’m such a mom it’s not even funny – I can’t help it!

Spoiler alert… I’m a woman. So yeah… that checks out!

Which one of these made you snort-laugh? I know at least one of them did!