Making live-action versions of shows and movies that were previously animated is all the rage these days, and even powerhouses like Disney have had only moderate success in pleasing audiences.

Some, like Aladdin, have been huge hits while others, like Mulan, pretty much flopped.

I’m not sure any of them have freaked people out quite like a live-action version of Clifford the Big Red Dog is doing, though.

The movie is supposed to debut sometime in the next year, and it’s a straight adaptation of the Norman Bridwell stories about a giant red dog and his family. There are books, there are animated versions, and now we’re going to get this…thing, whether we like it or not.

Paramount recently dropped the first trailer for the film, which will be directed by Walt Brecker and stars Darby Camp as the middle-schooler who rescues Clifford.

He’s little (at first) but quickly grows into a mountain of a dog who is, of course, a very good boy.

The trailer, though, apparently exists only to freak people out with a look at Clifford himself.

The reactions were swift and strong, and yes, hilarious.

We’re just not sure what to do with ourselves.

Should we be less high? More?

It’s a question for the ages.

Maybe it’s not all that weird, but it certainly seems a bit…off from this 20 second look.

What are you thinking about all of this big red dog madness? Are you as weirded out as we are?

Tell us your thoughts down in the comments!