We all have our specific parenting trials and tribulations, but if you’re an actor who brought to life one of the most beloved Disney characters of all time, you probably thought you’d be able to impress your kids, at least while they’re little.

So, the Rock likely wasn’t expecting to have the announcement panned – and flatly dismissed as a lie – when he told his small, Moana-loving daughter that he’s the voice of Maui.


He’s been trying for months, since we’ve all been stuck at home, in various ways and she’s just. not. having it.

The Rock has three young daughters, and he’s totally Dad Goals (TM) with them. The skeptical daughter in question is Tiana, the middle girl, and every time he posts a video of him trying to convince her of the truth, the whole situation gets funnier – and a whole lot more adorable.

Tiana (Tia), loves Moana. She regularly cajoles her father into singing along with her favorite songs, but despite him being the person who is actually already singing on the recording, she stoutly refuses to buy it.

In fact, she digs in her heels and gets more stubborn about it the harder he tries – which is, of course, what two-year-olds are famous for the world over.


He should know by now that there’s no point.

He probably does know, but if he accepted it then he would stop making videos, and the Rock is not the sort of guy to go breaking the internet’s heart.

He captions this latest video “Could this be the glorious day my sweet baby Tia finally accepts that her daddy is the demigod Maui from MOANA? After repeatedly requesting “sing to my doggies daddy” I have a good feeling about this one.”

After he sings along for probably the thousandth time, though, we learn that it’s not the day.

“Aaaaaaaaand that’s a very firm NO. Even the doggies are callin’ BS.”


I love to see him laughing at his daughter’s stubbornness, clearly enjoying the game as much as she is.

I’m pretty sure at this point she’s just playing along to get him to keep singing.

And he’s perfectly happy to oblige.