People are very particular about the television shows that helped shape them as kids, and while we like the idea of a new generation loving the things we loved as little ones, we definitely don’t support those things being changed and “updated.”

And while younger Millennials were initially pumped about the smexy new star of a revamped Blues Clues, the news that Blue receives emails instead of old school letters is leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Josh, the new host, still sings the “Mail Time” song, but yeah…not real mail.

Twitter user @MissLady_Leah pointed this out on Twitter, and well…

It seems like a bunch of Millennials, and some Gen Zers, too, will never be the same.

I mean, it really is quite rude, don’t you think?

The song is the same, but all wrong.

Things like this are fine in theory, but not in practice. Right?

And more than a few people lamented the loss of a job for poor Mailbox, who everyone loved.


Basically, none of us were ready for this advancement.

That said, as someone with little kids who like the new Blue’s Clues, I can promise you that life marches on.

And like all kids, they don’t care what it was like “before.”

So there’s that.