If there’s one great way to start the day, it’s a hot cup of coffee that you get to finish before your kids show their darling faces.

If there’s a second great way to start the day, it’s with parenting content that will make you feel so seen and supported that the rest of your day – or at least the first couple of hours – will go off without a hitch.

Grab the first thing, and pair your cup with these 10 hilarious tweets.

10. She still NEEDS a nap.

They never WANT a nap.

9. When they prove you’re right…

But you get no joy out of the moment.

8. I learned this when I was twelve.

And yet I still have fond nostalgic memories of the series.

7. Having fun never comes without a cost.

Let that be a lesson to ya.

6. One of the worst things in life.

Other people eating kills me.


5. No one is taking that bet.

Not even the no-gluten fanatics.

4. You’re not getting out of this one any time soon.

Sorry, this is your bed, now lie in it and read the right story.

3. Where did we go wrong?

Time to try harder. Ugh.

2. This kid is my Patronus.

One day I will say this exact same thing.

1. One day he will understand.

It will be too late for you to benefit, but he will.

Are you feeling ready to tackle another day? I know I am!

It’s not like we have another choice, but still!