I know that people who are only children have convinced themselves that was just the way it was meant to be, and they’re happy and there are all kinds of upsides to growing up without siblings.

But listen. Those of us who have siblings feel sorry for only kids (most of the time), because even though our brothers and sisters are huge pains in the you know what, we can’t imagine our lives without them – and these 10 tweets are going to flush out all of those feels.

10. So much passion, but listen.

Your parents don’t care. We all know this now.


9. It’s like they’re just trying to make you mad.

I mean, they probably are.

8. This is old school.

Nowadays no one gets the front seat until like, high school.

7. Nothing gets your heart going quite like it.

Especially if you’ve found something really good.

6. You don’t have to know the whole story.

You can just feel it in your heart.


5. Even though they probably hit you first.

Younger sibs are the worst.

4. So much panic.

You know you didn’t hit them that hard!

3. You never knew you could move so fast.

You’re probably too late.


2. Never let your guard down.

Because you know they’re not going to, right?

1. Certain things are not allowed.

We all know these rules.

I am having so much nostalgia right now!

What’s your favorite memory of growing up with your siblings? Tell us in the comments!