Kids are hilarious (when they’re not being annoying, at least), and one of the best things they do is have total confidence as they call things the completely wrong name.

The thing is, more than half of the time they’re spot-on with their description, if not the proper name – which is why kids like these 11 should be tasked with naming things from now on.

11. Talk about holiday cheer.

It abounds. ‘Tis the season.

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10. No one skips a bonus round.

At least, they shouldn’t.

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9. Their minds are mysterious.

Don’t water the corpses.

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8. This is super weird.

I dig her mind.

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7. I would never be able to keep a straight face.

Kids are the best.

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6. Boys are amazing.

You never know; he COULD get into Harvard.

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5. Just give her a cut when it succeeds.

Royalties or something.

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4. I do love me some cake bagels.

Anything called a bagel must be delicious.

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3. I feel like the pickles should be the weird limes.

But that’s a quibble.

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2. Even if you enjoy crafts, you probably don’t want to argue.

It looks like crap exploded in there.

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1. She’s got the vaguely threatening tone down.

That’s the most important part of branding.

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My 3yo calls “yesterday” “last day,” which I love and will not correct.

What’s your favorite “wrong” word your child says or said? Tell us in the comments!