The internet can be something of a minefield, depending on the day and the app that you’re currently browsing, but listen. With all of the stress that’s out there waiting, there are a couple of things that will never let you down – memes and cat pictures.

We’ve got a great list of the former here for you today, and we’re really hoping that at least a few of them make you smile (laughs are a bonus!).

11. See also: television shows.

You just can’t wait for them to get to that part.

Image Credit: Someecards

10. I can smell the nostalgia.

That’s definitely day I would go back to, if I could. Even in middle school.

Image Credit: Someecards

9. He’s probably heard it before.

But that doesn’t mean he likes it.

Image Credit: Someecards

8. Some weeks are just like that.

If they’re really your friends, they’ll understand.

Image Credit: Someecards

7. Imagine if those bottles went flying and broke.

You’d be pretty regretful you didn’t buckle them up, right?

Image Credit: Someecards

6. Some people are so dramatic.

But those things do get more annoying as we age, I swear.

Image Credit: Someecards

5. Well, that’s an interesting question…

Don’t shoot the messenger; I’m just saying.

Image Credit: Someecards

4. It’s the only way to go.

People who aren’t a hot mess, are you having a good time in life?

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3. This is hilarious.

And totally something that would happen to me.

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2. You have to believe in yourself.

And find your wine. There’s one out there for everyone. Like books.

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1. You try to alter your smile just a little.

But honestly there aren’t that many “bare minimum” acknowledgments available.

Image Credit: Someecards

I hope I find more posts like this and not so many rage-inducing things today – how about you?

Tell us in the comments your favorite of these memes, and pass it on!