There’s plenty of hard stuff about having kids. There’s a lot of joy, too, don’t get my wrong, but there’s a lot of inherent stress and tough stuff, too. We cope by having friends who get it, finding good babysitters, and yes, being able to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

That’s where we – and these 11 parents – come in, because they’ve got the experience, they’ve got the kids, and today, they’ve got the perspective to find the humor.

So please, sit back and enjoy.

11. Maybe traffic lights, too.

Just to be safe.

10. None of that matters.

There is no logic when you’re three.

9. They will literally ask at any time.

Because snacks are preferable to meals, obviously. I actually agree.

8. They always give themselves away.

Thank goodness they’re not that smart for a good long while.

7. You have to live the way you believe you should.

Even if you’re a grown up.

6. I see that she’s raising that boy right.

I approve.

5. She’ll just wait until you’re totally tired.

Or annoyed. Or both. They can always tell.

4. I wonder if he learned this from his dad.

Probably he was just too lazy to find a glass.

3. Ooh also coffee.

Parents just deserve more free things in general.

2. Never give up on your dreams.

I’m sure plenty of parents would give this a read.

1. But really, whose fault is that?

I’m guessing they’ve seen you fall…

This was exactly what I needed today.

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