Pregnancy brain is no joke, even if people like to use it as hilarious fodder. There were times when I wanted to throw something because a simple word totally escaped me at the moment. And, as a writer, that’s pretty debilitating.

That said, the 12 examples below are pretty funny…as long as they’re not happening to you.

#12. Ha!

#11. Did it at least look like your car?

#10. Okay, that’s pretty bad.

#9. Whose house was it?

#8. I love it.

#7. I mean, there are worse things she could have microwaved.

#6. How long did the cashier laugh at you?

#5. That cannot be good for anyone.

#4. I would love to have heard the response to that.

#3. Probably because you always have to go, so what’s the difference?

#2. There’s nothing funny about wasted coffee.

#1. I’m sure they appreciated it.

Stay sane out there, mamas. And remember, it will be over soon – and then you’ll be forgetting stuff because of sleep deprivation!