Sometimes the only thing you can do to get through the day is to laugh at your circumstances, and all of the craziness that goes along with a parenting journey.

The best thing about having social media is that they can also share their hilarious coping strategies with the rest of us, and these 13 parents are sure having some moments.

13. She’s not wrong.

Send her to a school board meeting and see what happens.

12. But only one of us looks that way permanently.

If you thought parenting would cease to surprise you, well…

11. Kid is seriously funny.

He’s cried wolf now, though, so never get up again.

10. That’s still a win in the sibling department.

Celebrate the little wins.

9. Ah, those magical summer days.

Not magical for parents, though. Understand that.

8. Their concept of time is super fluid.

My kid asks me what season it is every single day.

7. “Five second rule!”

Or five minute rule. Whatever.

6. He’s got the bug now.

There’s no going back.

5. Every day is a cage match.

Luckily, they’re not that smart.

4. You can learn anything online these days.

Guess you shouldn’t have gotten her that iPad.

3. They both knew ice cream was going to win out.

It’s the only way we’re surviving right now.

2. It’s one reason.

Their ability to go like, a full week without eating a meal is another.

1. Is he even your kid?

Is he even HUMAN?

I felt every single one of these deep in my soul, right?

Tell me which one hit you as the most true in the comments!