Ask any comedian and they’ll tell you that jokes are usually funny because they’re at least somewhat true. It’s why we laugh – we can commiserate and really get the heart and soul of the joke.

And if you are or ever have been married, you’ll realize right away this is why these 13 tweets are so funny.

13. Thank goodness for YouTube.

How did people learn things before the internet?

12. No one knows the answer to that right now.

And also we don’t care.

11. Different kinds of pasta, too.

You can fight about anything if you’re bored and petty enough.

10. An unfortunate side effect of spending too much time together.

He shouldn’t have realized until they were both in their fifties and too tired to leave.

9. Yeah definitely plead the fifth on that.

There’s no point in discussing it, because this is our reality now.

8. This probably shouldn’t be funny…

But it’s definitely hilarious.

7. My husband is both of these people.

Does this mean I win or lose?

6. You have to pick your battles, I guess.

She’s just not into that argument.

5. That’s it. That’s the whole thing.

It’s like how I dream of the day my kids will go to school.

4. I mean I would, too.

And I also want to know how this is possible.

3. Trust me, she doesn’t have one.

She’s riding this wave for as long as possible.

2. She’s living with a pod person.

No one wants to see his fit a** when this is over.

1. Sounds more like luck than anything.

But yeah…you need plenty of that.

I’m here for all of these – so funny!

Which one of these was the truest for you? Tell us in the comments!