I really don’t think that school pictures are supposed to be the best thing ever captured – that’s why we pay family photographers and put ourselves in great lighting and great settings, and we’re there to make sure our little heathens at least pretend to smile for the camera.

And even then, it can take an hour session to get a couple dozen decent shots.

School photographers have two minutes and kids who don’t care and aren’t scared of them – and pictures like these 18 are just what happens.

18. Someone give that poor baby a hug.

And an orange pumpkin.


17. But I mean…what did she think would happen?

Who sends their kid to school in this shirt?

Image Credit: Bored Panda

16. The first one was nice!

Even with that haircut that was apparently on purpose.

My original 3rd grade school photo (left). Mom demanded a retake (right) with the instructions “SMILE! Show some TEETH!” Note which one got framed, and the caption on the envelope.
by inblunderyears

15. The 80s were a wild time.

We mostly came out unscathed, though.

My 2nd grade school pic. I’m a girl.
byu/ddekstr infunny

14. Classic.

How many teeth does this kid have?


13. That’ll teach his parents to double down.

You know what sort of kid you have!

This was the retake of my Second Grade school photo.
byu/blondofblargh inblunderyears

12. We can all learn from their mistakes.

But honestly, the school should warn people!


11. This is really something special.

I mean. How could you ever top this?

My friend was saying “yee” before you were saying “haw” *posted with her permission*
byu/midnight-at-noon inblunderyears

10. Harsh advice for the parents.

I wonder what her whole shirt said.


9. A whole mood.

That probably sums him up fairly well.

My mom found my old elementary school photo the other day…
byu/JaysonChrist infunny

8. He looks like an old man whose fishing trip just got canceled.

God, I love toddlers.


7. He nailed the smile.

I don’t even know what to say about the rest of it.


6. Of course he did.

Guessing he also cut the kid’s hair.

1994, age 7 first grade. My stepdad says I wanted my hair cut that way…
byu/WarningThread64 inblunderyears

5. That is a lot of cringe for one picture.

Oh dear.

School photo circa 1996. Allergies were hitting me hard that day…
byu/digitlhaze inblunderyears

4. Who doesn’t want their toddler to look like they’re starring in a movie?

Just not Weekend at Bernie’s,  please.


3. The perfect image?

That vest is definitely one at a time.

Why YES!! My vest WAS homemade! PM me for orders!!! 😉
byu/Hockeylove inblunderyears

2. Impressive levels of awkward.

Digging the shirt, though.


1. Bless his heart.

You do you, kiddo.


If you don’t think these are hilarious, I have no idea what’s wrong with you.

Has your kid ever pulled something like this? Tell us about it in the comments!