The lure of Target is undeniable and inexplicable. We can spend hours wandering the well-organized, colorful aisles for a bunch of crap we did realize we really truly needed until we saw it laid out in such a manner. Getting out the door for less than $100 should be considered an extreme sport.

By “we,” I mostly mean women. But for these male friends, trips to Target are appealing for a slightly different reason – while their wives are enjoying leisure time in the store, they’re catching up in the parking lot.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Taylor, Penn, Charlie, and Myles are married to women who can spend upwards to 10 hours a week in Target, and so they’ve found each other and formed a support group of sorts.

And the viral video they created of “a group of husbands collectively waiting in the Target parking lot?”

Photo Credit: YouTube

It hits pretty darn close to home.

“I know it sounds crazy, but I look forward to those throw pillows going on sale now,” jokes Myles in the video. “Get to see my boys.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

No more wandering aimlessly after your wife or girlfriend in Target, and no more sitting uncomfortably outside changing rooms while she and her friends decide on the best swimsuits for the season.

Nope. You get brats and tailgates in the Target parking lot, instead.

The video is funny and goofy in all the right ways, and the quartet has even started a Facebook group dedicated to the “husbands of Target.”

The support group is dedicated to fostering male friendships and sharing corny dad jokes, which honestly, the world always needs more of these days.