You know that moment when you’re totally confident that you’re going to nail something – a dish, a project, an argument – only to realize you actually were in wayyyyy over your head?

I think that parents see these moments coming a mile off, when it comes to their kids, but the youngers have to learn some lessons for themselves.

And after these 10 dubious outcomes, I hope these kiddos have learned theirs.

10. Sometimes you have to make an appearance.

As much as literally everyone wishes you didn’t.

9. The face I just made.

Probably the same one her mom made when she saw it.

8. If you can’t see them, are they put away?

Every kid ever says yes.

7. I mean they can only reach so far.

Cut them some slack!

6. So where did it come from?

I need someone to solve this mystery.

5. That’s a lot of minutes.

You might just want to get a new iPad.

4. It’s on a hanger.

So yes, it’s technically hung up.

3. Not everything is washable.

Much to everyone’s disappointment.

2. He swept the floor…

And devised what he thought was a way to never sweep the floor again.

1. So close, but so far.

Two out of three isn’t bad.


Hilarious, right? If you don’t laugh, you’re going to cry… so why not laugh?

Still, it’s what we’ve all got to do to stay sane. It’s funny because it didn’t happen in your house. This time.

Let us know of any situations like this you had to face in the past.

Thanks fam!