These Parents Did Not Expect to Get a Hilarious “Note From the Teacher”

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Let’s face it – until your kid is out on their own without you for awhile, you never know what to expect as far as their behavior around other people. You hope it’s excellent and perfect, but let’s be real.

Kids are human, and they’re still figuring a lot of stuff out, too.

So, it’s not surprising – but it’s still funny, I assume – to get notes like these 9 sent home from school.

9. I think we all know which Johnny she’s referring to here.

Cobra Kai forever!

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8. I might be wrong, but this has dad written all over it.

Moms say “pee” or “potty.” Right?

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7. You gotta get that sugar rush.

Especially to get through math.

6. It is their favorite thing.

Favorite word, favorite insult…why not?

5. I’d like to be sent to the “think about it” chair.

Especially if that meant no one could talk to me.

4. That’s just tattling.

Woman needs to mind her business.

3. Jiselle is all of us.

Who couldn’t use a little afternoon nap now and again?

2. Why even be a twin if you can’t try this?

Of course, these don’t seem like very sneaky twins.

1. Ah, the moment every parent imagines when they hold their sweet baby for the first time.

I am dying.


Is it wrong that I’m kind of curious what my first note like this will say? It’s not wrong to feel that way, right?

If you’ve gotten a funny note from your kid’s teacher, tell us what it said in the comments!