Think you’re having a bad day? Think again!

Just remember…it can always be worse.

And that’s what these folks are going through right now.

1. Thanks a lot, Roomba.

2. See you later.

"It might rain today, I think I’ll take my umbrella out." …. that went well! from Wellthatsucks

3. Probably shouldn’t ask her out.

Stitch ups from Wellthatsucks

4. That looks really bad.

Allergic to hair dye from Wellthatsucks

5. How’d it taste?

6. Ask for permission.

Shouldn’t have used her coffee creamer I guess from Wellthatsucks

7. Go ahead and keep the change.

8. Humiliated to the extreme.

Photo Credit: Twitter

9. He won’t be joining us today.

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. Right there the whole time.

Photo Credit: Twitter

11. You dummy.

Photo Credit: Twitter

12. Why am I here again?

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. I love that game! Oh wait…

Photo Credit: Twitter

14. Be more careful next time.

Photo Credit: Twitter

15. Don’t go overboard on them.

Photo Credit: Twitter

See what I mean?

So keep your chin up! It’ll get better…and it can always be worse…