My mother always said she couldn’t choose a favorite age or stage when my sister and I were young, because every new one was immediately the best one. As a parent, I can certainly relate – though babies are sweet and cuddly and you hate to leave that stage behind, the precociousness of toddlers and early speakers has its own charms, and so on.

Personally, I can’t wait until my ids have a firm grasp on sarcasm!

In the case of these 22 parents, though, it’s their 7-year-olds who are currently shocking and awing them in the best possible way – and these tweets prove their point!

22. Eh, just give it to her.

21. Kids are weird in all the best ways.

Photo Credit: Twitter

20. There’s more than one kind of magic, I guess.

19. That conversation is going to come back to haunt that kid in a few years.

18. Kind of makes you feel better about everything.

17. One day, when he’s a teenager, you shall have your revenge.

16. I mean, she would have liked it either way.

15. I hope he can carry that pragmatism into adulthood.

14. From the mouths of babes.

13. We all are, honey.

12. Tit for tat, but not like that.

11. I’m not sure how I would respond to that.

10. Why has no one thought of this before now?

9. It’s a cruel, cruel world.

8. I suppose that’s one conclusion…

7. It doesn’t actually make sense.

6. 100% chance this was a male child.

5. You might have different definitions of “ready.”

4. She has a point.

3. The world is definitely not fair.

2. I hope he’s not very competitive.

1. She’s using the word correctly in context.

There are days that are so, so hard, but man, these first 3+ years of parenthood have really gone fast!

Do you have a favorite age? Does your own 7-year-old surprise you on the regular? Tell us about it in the comments!