Art has the ability to touch us in ways we don’t expect, and to make us think about everyday things – like all of the many relationships in our lives – in new and interesting ways.

That said, most people will not expect drawings that contain just two simple lines to hit them in the feels the way artist and illustrator Olivia de Reclat’s “Closeness Lines” do.

She uses just a few, simple lines that connect, diverge, and sometimes return to show how human relationships – from parent/child to a one night stand – evolve and influence us over time.

A minimalist drawing that represents closeness over time.
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The post has been upvoted on Reddit over 95k times and people just can’t believe how much thought the lines provoke.

Photo Credit: Reddit

For me, the way a child loops away from their parent, then returns, but ultimately has to continue alone really kicked me in the heart. Then there’s the way a first love is so close but only for a while…

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And of course, the dog. They are as close to us as possible, but for far too short a time. Sniff.

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People have thoughts on many of the relationships, and some of their comments are as good and deep as the original post.

Photo Credit: Reddit

As an artist, I think that the results of her thoughtful drawings are about all we can ask for – true engagement and conversation in return.

What are your favorite ones? Which ones really made you stop and take stock of your life? Please share with us in the comments so we can keep the discussion going!