You might have thought that the faze was fading away, and that you’d never have to catch yourself humming Baby Shark in the shower – nary a kid in sight – ever again.

But Pink Fong and everyone else still making bank on the song aren’t ready to let you or your kids go – which is where this singing toothbrush comes into  play.

The Baby Shark toothbrush plays the memorable (for better or worse) song while its being used, is cordless, and uses sensors and sonic vibration to make sure your kids’ teeth are as clean as possible with a toddler at the wheel.

A light serves as an alert to parents to double-check how your kid did, so they’re trying to address that, too.

The toothbrush comes with two brush heads (soft bristles appropriate for kids age 3+), and also has voice coaching that encourages kids to brush longer. If you grab a tube of fun looking and tasting toothpaste, you might not even have to yell at your kid a half a dozen times, then block the door of the bathroom to get them to brush anymore!

Image Credit: Target

What I’m saying is that it might be worth it to allow the song back into your house twice a day, everyday. Dental work is expensive, after all, and anything that makes it more palatable is worth its weight in gold.

Image Credit: Target

Here’s hoping your kids don’t get sick of it before they get big enough to be trusted to fully clean their own teeth!

Because from what I can tell, that takes a pretty long time to come to fruition.