It’s not the best time to have a new baby. You probably feel a bit isolated and scared, like the rest of us, but you’re having to do it all while you figure out how to be a parent for the first time, or you’re adding a newborn to an already crazy mess at home.

Either way, you probably need to have something to look forward to – and what better than your bundle’s first Halloween?

Baby and infant Halloween stuff is downright adorable, and even if yours is too fresh (or you’re canceling a typical Halloween) to need a costume, listen. Ankle Biters Kids has a Baby Bat Swaddle that will give you the perfect opportunity to get into the spirit (and take allllllll the pictures) anyyway.

The swaddle is designed for newborns and infants, but they also offer preemie sizes, too – sizes range from preemie to nine months.

The bat design is totally safe, featuring 3 black snaps that will keep your little bat’s wings safely secured for the best night’s sleep possible. The inside is made of 100% cotton, so it’s sure to be comfy and cozy, as well.

They’re handmade, and the shop even takes custom orders, so make sure to hop on over to their shop and check it out today!

And listen, even if you don’t have your own Halloween baby, maybe you know someone who does!

Gifts are a great way to let new parents know you haven’t forgotten them in the midst of all the crazy (but maybe give them a call, too).