There are families all over cable television who are celebrated for having a ton of kids. There are teenagers on cable television having two and three children before they’re old enough to drink. Religions push people into not using birth control with the argument that humans are meant to populate the (overpopulated) earth.

But listen, when black or brown people hit the town with their broods that include more than two or three littles, the judgment is quick and harsh.

They couldn’t possibly afford all of those children. They couldn’t possibly be a nuclear family? They must be a drain on society!

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It’s Friday, and it’s Valentine’s Day!! 🥰Our @MattressFirm bed has arrived and I’m so excited to share with you all that we went with the Beautyrest PressureSmart Plush mattress. We are going to enjoy this Valentine’s Day together and make it a movie night. As you can see, we aren’t able to enjoy it alone so the kids and Oreo jumped in on the fun. 🥰😅 Yesss, it’s that comfortable. And we say the more the merrier. Since it is a day of Love 💕.. we are close together. |ad|#mattressfirm #XTheLewisFamily #livingwiththelewises

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And Leslie Lewis, a black mother of four and curator of the popular Instagram account @TheLewis_Show, just couldn’t keep quiet when people began to make snotty comments on her pregnancy announcement for their latest addition.

Leslie is married to her husband, Joe, and together they have two sons, two daughters, a scruffy dog, and one on. the way. They are ridiculously cute, usually in adorable, matching outfits (even the dog!), and she has a strong following – but the haters were ready to pounce on her post about #5 joining the crew.

On February 3, she posted a picture of the family in matching denim and added this caption to address the rude, unnecessary, and unwanted feedback on her decision to grow her family.

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So I don’t usually publicly address the Negative Nancys and Pouty Pauls that find it necessary to judge my life choices. BUT a number of ppl have been commenting and even having the nerve to send me DM’s regarding my pregnancy…“I thought y’all was done?” “How can y’all afford 5?”Listen here! I am a married, ADULT! I have one baby daddy. (This post isn’t by any means intended to shame OR offend anyone whose situation is different) I don’t appreciate getting messages about birth control and questions like “How did this happen?” SEX…sex is how it happened got damnit. 🤣 On a positive note, I feel super blessed that Joe and I work( very hard)…we are a parental UNIT, and we work hard to provide and raise good people. Lastly, when this baby comes ion want to hear who it looks like mmmmmK thanks, bye! 😂 One last thing 🗣Oreo is a GIRL 🐶 #SorryNotSorry #BlameItOnTheHormones 🤷🏽‍♀️#LeaveMeAloneShit #TheLewis’ #Denim #jeans👖 #HappyMonday #MeetTheLewisFamily #CoordiNatedFamily #SF #Influencers #growingandglowing✨ #KeepCalmWhileIBuildMyEmpire

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“So, I don’t usually publicly address the Negative Nancys and Pouty Pauls that find it necessary to judge my life choices. BUT a number of ppl have been commenting and even having the nerve to send me DMs regarding my pregnancy… ‘I thought y’all was done?’ ‘How can y’all afford 5?’

Listen here! I am a married ADULT! I have one baby daddy (This post isn’t by any means intended to shame OR  offend anyone whose situation is different). I don’t appreciate getting messages about birth control and questions like ‘How did this happen?’ SEX…Sex is how it happened.”

Her post has grabbed 65,000 likes and tons of comments in support of her decision to speak up, more than a few of whom mentioned the divide between how large white families and large families of color are treated.

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HAPPY MONDAY 🤸🏾🎉💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙 I first off we want to send a huge Thank You! To all of you that responded to our Yahoo Article. We received so many positive responses and over 3k DM’s, I wish I could respond to all of you personally, but I just don’t have the capacity. Some of them were so touching and a lot of you mentioned, “It’s not about race”- and I’m realizing that some people truly believe that but, unfortunately, because of that pesky systemic racism and oppression in our society ITS ALWAYS ABOUT RACE. From the comments about the Duggar’s, John and Kate plus 8, and the Goslings etc… it had us thinking. Reality TV, these networks and production companies would feed off the drama of a single parent household, or Joe being married to 4 different women ( but he lightweight is with all these hair changes and mood swings 🤔) and had a bad past. Y’all want me to be fighting on TV so bad, but as a family we refuse to be portrayed in that light. Sell our soul to the devil for a contract. No ma’am or sir. We don’t want to be on TV that bad. We believe the right doors will open at the right time and you all will tune in to the love and light we will continue to portray! BRING BACK The images of BLACK FAMILIES ✊🏽🗣 that was me yelling out loud my thoughts while typing this caption.. as I scrolled through our pics I realized, we are what ppl want to see but it’s too strong of an image to see on TV. We don’t have any real drama going on, damn it! Me:Joe let’s make some shit up to give the ppl what they want! Joe: F*** that! Me: My N!€€@ ✊🏽 #TheLewisFamily #marriedwithchildren #Sf #Influencers #Real #BlackLove #TheCoordiNatedFamily #OldNavy #Blue #Yellow #HelloMonday #FashionFamily

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“Tell ’em sis! The Duggars captured 2.3M viewers. Now when brown and black families have large families, folks and their microaggressions assume we are exploiting the system,” said one person.

“This is definitely a ppl of color issue. No one questions white women when they have large families, hell it’s encouraged but ppl are always policing our brown bodies,” agreed another.

When Leslie spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle, she said that one woman’s comment in particular encouraged her to speak up.

“The last straw was when another woman felt the need to send me really hurtful messages assuming I must be on welfare and how I should be on birth control, etc.”

Leslie would like to use her platform and her influence to help normalize the idea that people of color, and working-class families across the board, are allowed to – and always have had – larger families.

“I have learned to use my platform to uplift families and women of color, and to use the criticism as fuel to meet and exceed my personal and family goals! Maybe one day we will get a reality show since there’s no families of color with multiple kids on TV that people can relate to.”

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“We see pictures, we say goals, Bish I’m who they trying to be! – ~Cardi!”(who else started head- boppin?! Lol 😂) Real Talk .. Modeling your life after someone else’s will never work, especially when it comes to your relationship. I believe it’s a huge mistake to compare your partner to anyone else, that’s right ladies, not your brother, father, uncle, best friend…ANYONE. You have no idea what your favorite couples have gone through behind closed doors, what pain and dark moments they had to endure. Even the most beautiful “perfect” couples have made countless sacrifices and compromises to ensure the success of their marriages. We have been together for almost 2 decades, no one can imagine what Joe and I have been through that got us to this point in our relationship and it’s not over! It’s like your favorite songs, you play over and over but never realize the amount of studio time it took to polish it up. Love is so much more than a word, it is a multi-layered commitment to another person, I like to use Live Over Various Events,L.O.V.E…see what i did there? LOL. It’s a shitload of time, giving, FORgiving, learning, growing and patience. Joe can attest to my resilience, my support, my love, my cries, my laughs and my crazy psycho Cancer moments that he’s gotten used to…mostly. I have learned to get through his ignoring moments, being less affectionate than what I’m used to, leaving all the water on the bathroom sink and all the clothes on the side of the bed 😫 Send Help! This shit just didn’t happen over night, we are not a ‘one hit wonder’. We are the real thing, and after 18 years, we are still learning, evolving, and loving US. Every couple has to find their own groove and this is ours. #AnsweredPrayers #MyFamily #MeetTheLewis’ #HappyMonday #Message #BlackLove #CoordinatedFamily #BabyBumpin #Pink #Burgundy #Mauve Photo: @acktionemmages 📸

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I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely be on board to watch these cuties (plus the little girl that’s coming soon!) run around being adorable and changing perceptions all over the world.

Do you think she was right to call out the haters? Why do you suppose people of color have to deal with more judgment surrounding a decision to have many kids? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Or, you know, we can also just talk about which of her family’s outfits are the best, but that road would be long and winding and never end, I fear!