I don’t see how anyone who has a child could think they were dumb – kids are always learning things, every single day, and their brains are growing and doubling so fast it makes my head spin.

I do see how kids can surprise even the adults closest to them with the astuteness of their observations; I sometimes don’t think my kids are listening because, you know, they’re rarely listening.

This childcare worker sees more kids than I do, though, and has some pretty awful stories about how parents she knows have underestimated their littles (and bigger than littles). She thinks we should talk to kids like we would anyone else, albeit with age-appropriate language, etc.

Kids aren’t dumb so start treating them like the individual they are
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15. You have to judge them on their own scale.

Children absorb information from everything at a rate that is basically incomprehensible to us adults, they’re extremely intelligent.

I mean sh%t they literally learn an entire language before they can barely walk properly.

14. Never underestimate them.

I agree. By definition, kids are not dumb. They are naive.

Some kids are in fact dumb though.

It is foolish to underestimate them. Neither group deserves to be sh%t on. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

13. I cannot comprehend this.

This is why me and my daughters mom split up. Some people are literally unaware that children have feelings, and thoughts.

12. It’s biology, not intelligence.

Dumb? No. Intelligence is the ability to learn. Kids are generally lacking in knowledge, experience, and practice in using their intelligence.

There are also differences in brain development between the time a person is 5 vs 25 affecting the ability to reason.

11. They’re always listening.

My 6 year old cousin once had chocolate all over his face and shirt after a family dinner (and dessert). My aunts started joking about him while he was at the table thinking he wouldn’t pick up on what they’re talking about. I admit, I laughed at one of the jokes.

A little while after he came up to me and asked to speak with me alone, we went to a corner far from everyone else and he asked me why I laughed at him. He said it’s not nice and it hurt his feelings. I felt horrid. I told him he’s right, it’s not nice and I apologized. He said he forgive me and went on playing.

He didn’t say that he was hurt to his mom or any of my aunts and only said it to me because he considered me his peer (I’m 18 years older than he is but I spend a lot of time with my younger cousins).

That was a while ago, but I still feel guilty about it and since then I’ve been a lot more mindful about how I talk to and about kids.

10. No one wants to feel like this.

im 13 and i hate when my argument is invalidated because “you’re 13”

i sound like the classic “i wanna be treated like an adult!11!1” but i guess its just like that

9. It’s surprising, in a good way.

Kids are smarter than a lot of people give them credit for they just dont know a lot of stuff cause they’re young and dont have as much life experience as the rest of us.

But if you explain stuff to them in ways they can understand they typically can have a better grasp on some concepts than a lot of adults that I’ve met.

8. And don’t speak for them, either.

Yes. Children are not dumb. As a paramedic, I hate it when I ask the child a question and the parent answers. I will ask the parent questions, but when I address the child, IT IS BECAUSE I WANT THE CHILD TO ANSWER.

If a child has abdominal pain or something and I ask the child if they feel like throwing up and the parent answers, “No.” Then the child stays quiet. I hate that. Are you the one that is sick? Can you feel whether or not they are nauseated? Sometimes the pain is worse so you complain about the pain and the nausea isn’t as bad but I ask anyways because as soon as they are in your truck, guess what? 🤮

When I was a kid, I was expected to interact with people of all ages. Same with my brother. I always found it interesting when we were at restaurants and the waiter would address my parents for my brother’s order (he is 11 years younger). They would be surprised that my brother would order his own meal, ask for substitutions if necessary, and do it properly and politely. I mean… he can read and he knows what he likes. So what if he’s 8?

It’s not only possible, it is necessary so that the child can have the best possible development. It’s something you need to do to socialize your child. If you don’t, even if you are a great parent in all other ways, you are not doing the best you could be doing.

7. Kids probably have bigger emotions than the rest of us.

People often ignore the fact that children have emotions too, its thought that until you’re 18 you cant feel this way or you cant have this opinion unless it’s been influenced because how could a child think for themselves?

Today’s world is messed up.

6. If they’re in the room, you should include them.

I became fluent in English in 6 months when I was 7! Kids are incredibly smart and they understand a lot more than we think they do. I remember as a kid my parents would have conversations in front of me and I would join in with ideas of my own about what they were talking and was told that it was a “grown up” conversation and to stay out of it.

It really annoyed me but I eventually stopped. Sometimes they would barely acknowledge me while sitting down at the dinner table and talk to each other while I would just quietly eat my food and go do my own thing afterwards. It was honestly kind of lonely and it hurt my feelings, especially since I am an only child and I had no one else to talk to.

I honestly grew to be kind of hostile towards them. When I have my children I’ll do anything in my power to not invalidate them and actually get to know them instead of assuming that they’re dumb and clueless.

5. Those are two different things.

Heck I speak 3 languages when I was 8 years old. My nephew speaks 2 languages and he’s only 5. How can that happen when kids are…

Innocent is the right word, dumb is when you learned something but still don’t know it.

4. It’s as simple as that.

Kids are foolish and inexperienced, not stupid.

I try my hardest to treat kids like miniature adults with less responsibilities because that’s what they are.

3. Adults aren’t really in a position to call anyone dumb.

By “dumb” I think that they mean that there are those children who have not yet realize HOW to utilize their brains, and that they need to actively THINK before doing something.

OTOH, the expression “here, hold my beer” is about ADULTS who aren’t actively thinking before they do something incredibly stupid (and possibly fatal).

2. They’re not blind.

In my neighborhood a kid reported possible human traffickers.

“It’s just your imagination.”

Nobody looked into it until the kid’s parents reported it.

They arrested them a few weeks ago.

1. They have memories like elephants.

These kids will always remember how you made them feel. ❤️

Keep it up!! It bothers me as well when people act like my kids don’t understand things and say certain things in front of them.

Everyone should treat kids like small, inexperienced humans because that’s what they are. Right?

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