This Contractor Is Naming Pets He Meets on the Job “Employees of the Week” and It Is Everything



In the world of employment, there are ups and downs and benefits and not-so-great things about working for yourself. Josephsen Hardwood Floor Company has been repairing, installing, and refinishing hardwood floors in New Jersey for 3 generations, so they’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to other people’s houses – pets included.

Now, you can imagine that animals aren’t always thrilled to have a stranger about kicking up dust and making the noise that goes along with the job (my cat peed on a pile of my contractor’s used towels – he was not thrilled), but Fred Jr. knows that getting along with the furbabies is part of the job.

He even goes one step further and chooses a “helper” to be his “employee of the week on the company’s Facebook page, and people not only love it but plan to use their company on the off chance their doggo gets featured next.

#12. Pretty girl!

#11. Remote workplaces are all the rage!

#10. Sweet old boy.

#9. Everyone loves a smile!

#8. No lady wants to see quotation marks around the descriptor “little”, good sir.

#7. What a busy boy!

#6. I love their names!

#5. Who’s a good boy?!

#4. Good employees keep things interesting.

#3. These pooches stole my heart.

#2. Were those vacation days approved, Ralph?

#1. Those eyes!

That’s some pretty great marketing, right?