You’d be hard pressed to find a person who doesn’t love Lin Manuel-Miranda these days. Between Hamilton fame and his general charm, not to mention the recent release of Mary Poppins Returns, the guy can’t lose.

And this group of dads is definitely not immune to the hype.

One of them sent a text to their group when he found himself next to Miranda on the bus, and the reply is total fanboy, feminist and amazing.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Seriously, I’m kind of crying.

Even more amazing? Miranda’s response.

You guys. He really is perfect, I think? I don’t know.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Also, this is like, a lesson on how to approach a celebrity in public (if you’re going to in the first place). The guy just quietly showed him the messages so as not to disrupt Miranda’s young son.

Everything about this made my day. I hope it did the same for you!