Becoming a parent for the first time changes all of us in ways we don’t expect, and in ways we don’t even realize sometimes until years down the road.

Those first years are a lot, but they are precious, and anyone who has the privilege of the time to take advantage of it definitely should.

California dad Sholom Ber Solomon definitely isn’t missing any chances with his daughter, and his creativity and dedication are taking the father-daughter pic to a whole new level – here are fifteen of his unforgettable images.

15. Her face in this one.

I cannot. It’s too much.

14. The cutest little chicken.

Don’t eat that!

14. So that’s where babies come from.

I knew a stork couldn’t carry a human.

13. How fast were you going miss?

Nevermind, it doesn’t matter. No one would write you a ticket.

12. She’s definitely the monster under your bed.

And she will be for years to come.

11. Definitely give her all of the love and nutrients.

She’ll grow like a weed.

10. She’s totally getting into it.

Upstaging her dad already, too.

9. That definitely would have come in handy.

They’re as smelly as they are cute.

8. Gotta keep your eye on Robin Hood.

He’s a cagey dude.

7. Oops.

His snorkel is killing me.

6. I think he can solve it.

But does he really want to?

5. An artist in the making.

Illegal or no, it’s brilliant.

4. She’s the ketchup to his fries.

You can’t have one without the other.

3. I’d love to find that in my garden.

Adorable little gnome.

2. Woody and Buzz.

Together forever.

1. She’s there just in case.

She knows what sort of daddy she has.

I am just dead of the cute, y’all. I was not this creative.

What’s your favorite account where parents take creative pictures with their littles? Share it with us in the comments!