There was a song popular in the late 70s called Dog and Butterfly, and I have to think whoever wrote it might have been inspired by a sweet doggo like this one.

You’ve heard of dogs who “wouldn’t hurt a fly,” and well, for Milo – a 2yo retriever – that definitely extends to the butterflies in his yard.

No chasing things that flutter for this pooch, who would rather keep calm and observe butterflies like he’s some kind of scientist writing a paper!

Milo is actually a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever, which means he’s pretty big.

He’s a gentle giant, though, who makes friends of all types and sizes.

His special pals are the monarch butterflies in his yard (garden).

His owner posted a video of him with a butterfly wreath on Twitter, and people just can’t get enough.

2.2 million views, 50k shares, and 230k likes later, it seems like Milo’s gentle, sweet heart is just what the doctor ordered.

As anyone who has owned and loved dogs knows for sure, there are dogs that we love, dogs who love us, and the rarer dog that is a part of your soul forever.

Milo seems pretty special, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he’s one of those heart-and-soul pups for his owner(s).

My dog likes to chase butterflies, and I’m glad she can’t catch them! It’s funny to watch her chase them, so at least there’s that…

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