Kids really do say the darndest things, but sometimes they also say weird crap that pretty much freaks out every adult close enough to hear it.

This story is creepy, but it could also be considered comforting, or even healing, depending on your own personal life experiences.

It’s clear that the girl’s mother, who tells this story on Reddit, isn’t quite sure how to feel.

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It starts with her relaying that she and her husband were considering trying for another baby, and that they asked their five-year-old daughter what she thought of the idea.

She said “I would be happy because your other baby will come back.”

Yeah, I know.

"I picked you because you were sad…" from CreepyKids

The girl went on to elaborate about how she picked this woman to be her mother because she was sad that her other baby got sick and died, and that maybe he would come back again and they could have a boy baby.

The mom wasn’t sure what to make of it, but like many women who have experienced miscarriages, she liked the idea that her lost baby might be able to “pick” her again.

The comments, too, were full of emotion.

A few people, like this reader, shared a similar experience (which is even more freaky!).

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And yeah, we’ve seen posts before in which children claim to have “picked” their parents before being born, which just kind of twists your mind into knots, no?

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The OP (original poster) clarified that her daughter is seems to be sensitive to “spiritual stuff” in other ways, too.”

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Many people, like this commenter, also found that intriguing.

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Long story short, it seems that, as ever, there is much we don’t know about human bodies, human brains, and human souls – so maybe listen a little bit closer the next time your little starts babbling about something that might not seem to make sense.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? We want to hear more stories like this if you have them!