This GenXer has seen a lot of social media platforms come and go, mostly as GenZ folks keep trying to find new spaces that won’t be invaded by their GenX and Millennial parents, I think.

It can take older folks (I’m including myself in that group) a few months or years to finally step onto the new platform, and y’all – I think I’m about there with TikTok.

There are so many creative, funny, clever videos shared on the platforms I do use that it definitely seems like learning something new might be worth it.

Which I’m sure means the fad is about to be over, because that is the way of the world, amen.

Until then, though, I’m going to enjoy posts like this one, by 21-year-old Joe Mele. It seriously takes the cake.

Photo Credit: TikTok

He begins by stating that people think his father, Frank Mele, looks like the food critic from Ratatouille, and his father emphatically disagrees.

He does agree, though, to let his son turn him into said critic.

They go through wardrobe, hair and makeup, and finally props before the final reveal.

Photo Credit: TikTok

Which all proves that his father does indeed look like the food critic from Ratatouille.

@mmmjoemeleDAD ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT😂 ##foryou♬ original sound – mmmjoemele

I love this because it’s so pure and happy, but that might be exactly what we all need right now.

What’s your favorite part?

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