There’s nothing quite like a kid and their dog, am I right? Videos like this are one of the main reasons I’m dying to adopt a dog for my littles, even though my husband and I agreed that we would wait until they were both out of diapers before we made another potty-training commitment.

I just want a dog!

If you’re in the same mindset as me, well, you might not want to keep scrolling, because this video of a toddler and his dog having a howling contest is going to send us all straight to the humane society.

Michigan mom Alixandria Smith caught the moment when her 2-year-old son Braxton and their husky, Boston, having a bit of a friendly competition.

“This is what you get when your Toddler realizes he can talk to the Husky,” she writes as a caption.

Photo Credit: Alixandria Smith

Braxton starts the howl off, but as the dog – and a husky to boot – I can assure you that Boston is the clear winner in the end.

Boston’s returned conversation makes Braxton dissolve into giggles that just make the whole thing, and the pure joy everyone (literally) gets from the video is just the best thing about being alive in 2020.

Photo Credit: Alixandria Smith

The video has been watched over 3 million times since it was posted, and people love sharing it with their friends.

If you know someone who needs a smile, I mean…what better way to give them one, so pass it along!