You never know what difference a little love can make in someone’s life, and that goes double (or more) for a child who doesn’t have anyone, or anywhere to go.

Even though Filipino couple Nanay and Tatay were poor, their hearts broke when they met little Jayvee Lazaro Badile II – they didn’t have much, but what they had they shared with him.

His childhood was happy, even if they often went without, and through it all, he swore that one day he would find a way to pay them back for their many kindnesses.

Jayvee made a long, struggling climb out of poverty, turning himself into a successful man with the help of his parents, and returned to buy them their dream house.

He wrote a touching tribute to the couple in a Facebook post, explaining that they work menial jobs as a porter and a vendor, and saying in part “now that I have the chance to give back to them, I will make sure they will live their dreams better than what they could ever imagine.”

He was 3 months old when they took him in and Jayvee, along with his parents and their other children, lived on two meals a day (if they were lucky), and a 215-square-foot apartment.

The house he built from scratch has 7 rooms – enough for everyone to come home to celebrate the holidays -and the only thing that arrived from their old life (aside from sentimental items!) was a television set he’d gifted them a few years earlier.

The grateful, good son also takes his parents on trips all over the world – something they never dreamed would be possible for them.

Also, lest you wonder whether he’s as good a son as he seems, let me tell you that he also visits.

I sure hope my boys do the same one day.