While it’s true that what a person chooses to name their child is really nobody’s business but theirs (and said child’s, eventually), people must know that making unusual or seemingly careless choices will lead to others – even complete strangers – voicing their opinions on the matter.

That said, if you choose to share that name in a Facebook group the way 27-year-old new mother Jade Jeanes did, then you’re actually asking for people to comment.

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Still, Jade seemed irritated when people did just that, because they had feelings that she did not like about her name choice.

Jade and her husband are both huge Disney fans and they are particularly enamored with Beauty and the Beast.

You’re probably thinking that Belle is a sweet, adorable name and she is one of the Disney princesses that’s easier to look up to!

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Hold that thought…

Because they thought Belle wasn’t a unique enough moniker for their little blessing…

So they named her Disney instead….

Jade described the maternity ward nurses as “surprised” (which means they must have been true professionals), and she doesn’t appreciate the public response that includes plenty of laughing and crying emojis, plus a good amount of trolling by strangers.

“Friends and family love the name and I do too,” she told Bristol Post. “It’s no one’s business what we decided to call her, but in the end, people just either love it or hate it.”

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Get ready if the couple conceives a boy – Jade says they may name him “Sonic.”

Not after the restaurant, after the video game character.

While unique and unusual names have been gaining traction in recent years, remember that trends change every decade or so, and your kiddo will be running around with that name for hopefully seven or eight of those years. So while you don’t have to go with something boring (read: classic), you might want to think twice before using something literally no one has ever used before.

There might be a reason for that. Just saying…