We’re all paying a bit more attention to how well and how often we wash our hands these days. Hand-washing is, of course, “one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of terms to others,” according to the CDC.

So we should always be vigilant about doing it – and encouraging our kids to do it – if we don’t want to spend half our days dispensing medicine, filling up humidifiers, and wiping noses.

Kids will be kids, though, and they just don’t understand why “wasting” time singing songs at the sink is so important. They’d rather be playing with toys, running around outside, annoying their siblings, or watching television, right?

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Enter Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Skye, and all of your toddler’s favorite pup crew, PAW Patrol, with a song that just might have them shimmying and washing and not fighting you as they remember to wash all on their own.

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The tune is just over 2 minutes long, age-appropriate, colorful, and catchy – in short, the kind of song your kid will absolutely ask you to ask Alexa to play while they wash up after using the bathroom or just being a filthy child.

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As they do.

The lyrics are helpful, too, explaining the why of the whole washing hands business by starting out with “When there’s a chance that you’ll get sick/The best gift that you can give/To your friends and neighbors/To help keep them well/Is a simple little trick/We just wash our hands like this.”

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They also go through the proper hand-washing routine, in order, in a section of song that lasts exactly 20 seconds – clever pups!

Make sure you take advantage of this little gem the next time you’re helping your little get those sweet hands nice and clean!

Do you have any other good ideas for washing your kids’ hands?

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