Kids are a lot of things, but there can be no argument that one of those things is hilarious. They really do say the darndest things – something teacher Alyssa Cowit knows since she spends every day with them.

They’re often funny because the kids have no idea what they’re saying, or because what they’re saying is too true (and wise) for their age, but any way you slice it, there’s no way to keep a straight face reading these 14 kid-quotes.

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14. Dogs really are a lot like us, I guess.

13. It’s really not fair.

12. This is a whole mood and I am here for it.

11. Same, kid. Honestly.

10. Why do I get the feeling he’s heard this a lot?

9. Wisdom from deep in the human soul.

8. It’s important to dream big, and to stay weird.

7. Except for diabetes…you can’t.

6. This really never changes.

5. Definitely trying this line at home.

4. Is this kid spying on me?!

3. If only this worked for moms.

2. As long as lactose intolerance isn’t also in your DNA.

1. Learning young that the struggle is real.

I think this is just what I needed today; how about you?

What’s the funniest thing your kid has ever said?

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