This Twitter Thread Proves That All Families Are a Little Bit Weird



I mean, you have to assume that your family isn’t the only weird one out there, but it’s nice to see the truth in black and white once in awhile. And that’s exactly what this Twitter thread, started by podcast host and Cooking Channel personality Georgia Hardstock, will do for all of us.

She threw this question out to the universe:

Photo Credit: Twitter,GHardstark

And guys. Some of these answers are truly amazing.

For instance, several families enjoy using appliances for storage as opposed to their intended uses…

Photo Credit: Twitter,Strohbo32

Photo Credit: Twitter,dreadedjaws

This family received Christmas gifts from the pets – dead and alive.

Photo Credit: Twitter,noshoes039

And speaking of holidays…

Photo Credit: Twitter,cameronsxxx

I love the names people had for the remote control…

Photo Credit: Twitter,MsMaryT13

Photo Credit: Twitter,Laura__Muller

And even more for passing gas. My grandfather used to say “the frogs are croaking!”

Photo Credit: Twitter,NiamhHA17

Photo Credit: Twitter,AzureGhost

Photo Credit: Twitter,SephMac

What are your weird family traditions that seemed normal until you moved out? I want to hear more!

h/t: ScaryMommy