The majority of young kids, especially if they’re the oldest one in the family, have to get creative when it comes to having friends. That goes double for 2020, when meeting people who don’t live with you is harder than ever.

Kids have blankies. They have favorite television characters and stuffed animals and teddy bears.

And sometimes, I guess they have skeletons.

At least, 2-year-old Theo does – and it’s a 5-foot tall Halloween decoration named Benny.

The two have formed an unbreakable bond, says his mother Abigail, who now packs up Benny to come along pretty much any time she and Theo go anywhere.

I imagine wrestling not only a toddler, but a bag of bones into the car for every out gets a bit tiring, but Abigail told TODAY that since the sight of them all together seems to bring people joy, she tries not to mind too much.

“2020 has been probably one of the craziest years in a while, and I know it has brought a lot of people a lot of turmoil and a lot of hardship. My hope is that this can just spread some happiness. Even if it makes someone’s day for a couple of minutes, that makes me so happy.”

The friendship began back in September, when Theo spotted Benny tucked away with the Halloween decorations and attempted to drag him up the stairs and into the light. Abigail thought it was funny and cute, and figured she’d just get a jump on Halloween decorations a bit early.

Theo wasn’t interested in decorating, though – he wanted a friend and a travel pal, and since that day, Benny has gone with them everywhere.

They’ve visited the grocery store, the playground, the beach, and a number of other places as a trio, and the people who witness the strange but true friendship seem delighted by the adorable-ness (?) of a toddler dragging around a 5-foot set of bones.

It’s like I tell my own small human weirdos – you do you.

You do you, Theo. Keep Benny around for as long as you want him, because he doesn’t seem to have anywhere better to be.

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