When we get married, we might worry that one day, our spouse might stop loving us. Might find someone new to bestow their affection upon, leaving us on the outside looking in.

We probably never really imagine that someone might be a cat, but that’s the life Nasrin Hami is living in Thailand.

Her photos of her husband and their cat – who clearly prefers him – are getting noticed all over the internet.

Partly for the hilarity of her husband being “stolen,” but mostly for the fact that the cat’s face looks as if it intended to do just that.

The cat, Jarvis, likes to sleep and watch the birds, when he’s not being possessive of her husband.

She does say Jarvis is very affectionate in general, and that he also snuggles her (we assume when her husband isn’t available).

The cat is six, and has lived with the couple for his entire life. He and Hami’s husband obviously have a special bond.

She says Jarvis’s favorite things to do are follow her husband, sit on her husband, touch her husband, and…well, you get the idea.

Jarvis is a Scottish Fold, cats who are generally good-natured and get along with other pets extremely well.

He seems like a good example of his breed, which are typically affectionate and playful.

Despite all of these images, Hami says Jarvis has only ever eaten cat food, and has never tasted human food in his life!

Which probably explains why he’s so chill at the table.

Have you ever had a loved one stolen away by a pet?

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