There are many reasons that women can start to lose their hair. It can happen with age, hormonal changes, or because of genetics or having naturally thick hair that thins itself on a regular basis.

Whatever the reason, there’s a good chance that you – or anyone else that uses your shower – have made a joke here and there about how you could make a whole wig out of the hair that clogs up your drain.

You probably would never have thought to actually, you know, do it – which is how you and Liz Lele are different.

The background actress (extra) from Brooklyn has been as bored as the rest of us during the mess that is 2020, and while stuck at home, she decided to start collecting and counting the hair she loses in the shower (or at other times, like when she brushes her hair).

She told Buzzfeed that she “started keeping track, collecting hair that came out randomly, or from brushing or washing my hair.”

Healthline says it’s normal to lose between 5-100 strands a day, and even though Liz was collecting that easily. She kept going, wonder how much she could save over time.

“After a few months, it became the size of a hair extension.”

The accomplishment (?) had her thinking about making an entire wig to donate, but she knew that would take a long time at her current collection rate.

So, she asked other people to donate. Her hair collection has risen to around 4,000 individual strands.

Even with people sending their own hair, and more of Liz’s falling out every day, she thinks it will take about a year to have all of the hair she needs.

We’re all finding ways to keep busy, I guess, and if you – like Liz – don’t get easily grossed out by hairs that aren’t attached to heads, maybe you could try making a wig out of your shower hair, too?

Just remember to wash it first.