Kids can be a pain in the butt. No denying that, even if we own and love them. They don’t listen, they have little to no self control, and they only marginally care what some adults think.

That said, people – especially said children’s parents – have definite ideas on who is allowed to teach their kid a lesson (and it’s usually only them, or perhaps select family members).

Which is why, although people can sympathize with this woman (and her traumatized cat), they’re not exactly sure she’s allowed to toss a basin on water on not-her-kid, either.

It all began one day when her cat was sitting, minding his own business on the fence. A 13-year-old (who apparently looks 10) sneak-attacked the cat with a cup of water.

Obviously, cats hate water, and on behalf of her cat, Shannon dumped a “basin” of water on the kid, who went home crying.

The dad came over, angry at the treatment of his kid, but Shannon doesn’t see the issue.

Twitter is pretty much divided, though some people have rightly pointed out that it’s only water. It’s not like she stained or soiled or harmed the kid. Nothing to cry about.

While others insisted that it doesn’t matter how she retaliated, no one better touch their kid or else.

Which seems excessive, but okay.

Some who were worried about what this scrawny psychopath might do twenty years from now.

Also excessive, as the boy wasn’t hurting the cat, only annoying it. Imo.

Image Credit: Twitter

The person who made this meme is a superstar. Bless their heart.

Then there’s the people who actually own older kids defending Shannon, because yes, they really should know better.

Some are rightfully pointing out that, even if he’s not hurting the cat, he should have been taught that bullying or mistreating animals at all is wrong, and that’s probably on the parents.

Anyway, what are you thoughts? Where do you come down on this?

The topics up for discussion really run the gamut, from how to be a good neighbor, good parenting, the ethical treatment of animals, and so on – let’s dig in!