There is no lack of creepy kid stories on the internet, right? If that’s what you’re looking for, you don’t have to search far and wide to come up with heaps of tales that will give you willies deep into the night.

Usually, the stories are told by a parent, caregiver, or other close family members.

This woman, though, was simply holding a friend of a friend’s son on her lap at a bonfire when honestly, her life changed forever.

He screamed and she almost peed her pants.

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Then he explained that she absolutely could not get up, because something horrible would happen if she did.

The boy even described the nightmare in a fair amount of detail,

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She didn’t move until the boy fell asleep, then she made a run for it.

She’s been scared of the dark ever since, and who could blame her??

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One commenter pointed out that the boy’s description was pretty basic, as these things go, but I’m not sure it was helping her feel better.

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Someone else thought the description sounded a bit…familiar.

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And yeah, I think we can all agree with this last person, who has officially decided kids are terrifying and maybe not for them.

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Would you have been able to easily write this one off?

Would you have been paralyzed, too?

Tell me which side you come down on in the comments!

Don’t be scared!