Part of the fun of parenting is getting to prank your kids. Freaking them out is just payback for all of the sleeping nights and endless anxiety they’ve gifted you with over the years, right?

I mean, along with embarrassing them in front of their friends once they hit middle school, it’s one of the main entertainments of parenting.

That said, these kids’ reactions to this “poop prank” might leave you wondering exactly how you’re supposed to feel.

Photo Credit: Twitter

The prank is simple. A parent smears melted chocolate on their hand, then asks their kid to hand them some toilet paper and “accidentally” gets some of the “poop” on their hand in the process.

Kids are shook, y’all. Like this kid who learned he has a fairly sensitive gag reflex.

And these two, who are just…stunned.

This kid (much like myself) had no idea how to feel about what just happened.

I’m kind of with this kid, who just kind of laughed disbelievingly through his obvious discomfort.

Basically my go-to reaction.

Then there’s this little sweetie, who has been raised with compassion for her own mistakes, clearly.

I think this is fairly harmless, as pranks go, and the results are pretty funny.

If you try it on your little ones, make sure to share the results with us – we could all use a laugh these days!